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Now that the school's forum has been created, the challenge is getting the staff motivated enough to make full use of it. With no real prior knowledge in to the benefits of a forum, the basics are going to have to be taught.

It's nice to see the staff logging in to the forum and it’s easy to keep track of its use. One of the members of the leadership team wanted to be kept informed of the developments of our open source integration. Now she can, she can also engage in discussion and probably shape key decisions.

The members of the leadership team are at different levels as regards their ICT knowledge. It’s vital that if we are to create a successful forum then the lesser able users need to be taught the basics. Luckily there are competent users within the leadership team so they will share their knowledge with other members.

I think a good first step would be to hold a short training session for the staff. Not lasting more than one hour. The leadership team will then be trained to a competent level and then that knowledge can be fed down to the remaining staff.

In all I think things are going well, there are new threads starting and a few replies. It’s going to be up to myself to keep things fresh and taking time to reply so things don't become stagnant.

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