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More Windows less Linux

It must be said that there are certain features of Windows that I think 'why on earth doesn't Ubuntu employ such methods!'

This is a great little way of editing files as root using the desktop. This saves having to login as root and navigating a text editor! More windows less linux

Step 1
Open a terminal and type:

sudo su

Step 2
Then type:

gedit .gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Open\ as\ root

Step 3
Now add the following three lines of code to the file:

gksudo "gnome-open $uri" &

Step 4

Go back to the terminal and type:

sudo chmod +x .gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Open\ as\ root

Step 5
Reboot the machine and now when you right click on a document and goto scripts, there is the option to open the document as root!

*note that there are certain security implications with this method see this link

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There were a few points in my departure to the latest version of Edubuntu - 7.10 that I thought I may need to downgrade. Unfortunately, it's often the case that a new version of the operating system comes complete with a new set of bugs that only maturity will iron out.

One problem in particular was really bugging me and rendered the upgrade useless for our system if I didn't find a fix - quick! The problem came when a thin client displayed it's login screen, the monitor would just go off with a disturbing message (from the monitor) saying 'unsupported resolution' or something to that effect - the message may vary between different models of monitors.

It quickly became clear that the monitor does not support the resolution that Edubuntu or Xorg was trying to output. I thought a quick tweak in the admin panel might sort things out but the problem was a little deeper - as are many linux problems. Once again I was forced to use the now very familiar terminal.

Step 1
Locate the file lts.conf using this path:

Step 2
Add the following line:
X_MODE_0 = 1024x768 #or other resolution that you'd like to use

Step 3

Bring up the terminal and type:

Step 4
Reboot the server, when it's all booted up then all systems go with the thin clients! Now you can see!

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