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The thin clients have arrived!

One of the thin clients arrived yesterday (HP). It came with a mouse, keyboard and all necessary cables. The instructions were very basic, but so is the thin client itself. It was brand new and took 5 minutes to setup. I was impressed by the small size and it looked very smart. I would have to do further research to see how it attaches to the monitor.

I turned it on and it instantly booted up, without having to be connected to a server. It came with a small cut down version of the O/S and was very easy to navigate and configure. Quite impressive.

The next step is getting it talking with the server. If I was to use PXE then the built in Linux, I believe, would become redundant. This is the way I intend to approach it though. I'm eager to know how fast it is using LTSP.

I setup the school's hosting account yesterday also. We setup a domain name so that all the schools resources can easily be accessed. I will move the school's forum to the hosting account before it grows in size. This will probably have to be done using cut and paste as createforum will probably not allow export, it would go against their best interests. This would get rid of the adverts and simplify things by tighter integration into NABB. PhpBB maintains itself, so this should not be an issue.



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